Building a beautiful yard can be a rewarding experience that pays dividends for years, but maintaining a variety of trees and plants that rely on a steady source of water to survive can be a daunting, cumbersome task, especially when climates are less than accommodating. Fortunately, modern irrigation systems make it easier than ever to keep your landscaping investments healthy and thriving. If you’re currently dragging a hose around to all corners of your yard with a portable sprinkler head attached to it, you may want to consider the pros of installing an irrigation system to make your life easier!

It goes without saying, but the larger the yard and the more inclement the weather, the more time and water resources are required to keep a yard green. While it may not seem like a necessary investment at first, the installation of an irrigation system has several big advantages.

The first is water management. Irrigation systems today are not only specifically calibrated for climate, but are equipped with preset timers as well as rain and humidity sensors that help deliver the precise amount of water at the exact time required. Not only does this prevent both over and under watering, but it can save a significant amount on the water bill.

Speaking of watering, the right amount of irrigation to your landscape can be the difference between a flourishing oasis and the loss of a lot of green (literally)! Too much watering can lead to vital nutrients leaching out with the water runoff. Watering the old fashion way with a hose can also cause soil compaction and root disease. With a professional irrigation installation, the right amount of water is never a concern.

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