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About Our Services

What if we told you that you don’t need a hose this summer? Well, for your lawn and landscape, anyway! We provide full-service irrigation that will keep your yard beautiful all year. You can rest easy knowing your lawn is being watered automatically on a consistent schedule. Our systems know exactly how much to water your landscape, so there are no dry or overwatered spots.

The irrigation technicians will completely service your sprinkler systems. From spring start-up to winterization to repairs, we can handle it all. Our team will perform inspections to ensure your system is at peak performance at all times. We offer many different service plans to work with your unique budget and offer discounts when signing up for a yearly service! Stork Landscaping is second to none in providing dependable irrigation repair and management. In case of manufacturer defective parts, we offer a 3-year warranty. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality irrigation services.

Our Irrigation Services

Sprinkler System Installation

We can create a new irrigation system for your property or modify an existing system. An irrigation system customized for your lawn will work wonders for your property.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our irrigation experts can diagnose, repair, and improve your system to ensure it performs properly. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your lawn will be well-kept and your irrigation system will be well-maintained!

Our Program

Our Maintenance Visits Include:

Spring Startup (April / May) – Our technicians will turn on the water supply, check the backflow device and system piping for leaks, check all spray heads for adjustment, remove any overgrown grass on sprinkler heads, and set a timer for efficient watering.

Mid-Season Check (July / August) – Landscape changes and weather conditions require summer adjustments to your irrigation system. Our technician will review your entire system for proper operation, clean clogged nozzles, make adjustments, and reset your controller for more or less watering based on current weather conditions.

Fall Winterization Service (October / November) – This service protects your system during the winter months by preventing major problems. It includes broken backflow preventers, broken pipes and heads, leads, and other issues that occur with frozen pipes. Our technician will drain excess water from pipes and shut down the irrigation system for the winter months.

Certified Backflow Inspection – This service is normally performed at the same time as the Spring Startup. Our state-certified inspector will test your backflow preventer for its yearly inspection. All paperwork will be filed to the city on your behalf. Backflow inspections are necessary because backflow devices are large components on main water lines. They prevent water from reversing and returning to the city main lines once the water has entered the private property water lines. Local water departments, cities, and the state try to ensure adequate protection against back siphonage by mandating the annual inspection of all backflows by a state certified backflow inspector.

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