The world offers hybrid cars to conserve gas and energy efficient light bulbs to help conserve electricity, but what about water conservation? These tips will explain how using plants and a sprinkler system can help lower your water usage and your water bill! 

As a landscaping company we value the very crucial role water plays in nurturing green spaces and delivering environmental benefits. Because water plays such a large role in our lives and makes a bigger impact than most of us realize, it’s important to use it sparingly when possible.

Get the Most out of Your Lawn Irrigation System

There are many ways you and your family can choose to use water wisely, not only saving water, but saving money in the process. One of the easiest ways is to simply start planting! Believe it or not, small changes to your landscaping and gardening routines are the perfect first step to conserving water.

Here are a few ways planting can make a difference from the Irrigation Association®:

1. Landscape to Suit Your Lot

When choosing grass or plants for your landscape consider those that have low water requirements and will thrive in your local climate. Such as Kentucky Bluegrass for cool-season climates or Bermuda for warm-season climates. Make sure to do research and consult with a professional when considering your lot’s unique layout.

2. Keep Soil Healthy by Aerating

Aeration creates holes deep in the soil to disrupt compaction. This creates space for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the lawn. Aerating your lawn at least once a year helps improve water penetration. When planting, turn and cultivate the soil and add compost or fertilizer to improve moisture retention. This grows healthier plants that need less water to stay strong.

3. Group Your Plants with Similar Moisture Needs

Hydro-zone your plants by grouping them by similar moisture needs in the same area. This will create an easy system to prevent overwatering. Irrigation systems or sprinkler repair services are a great way to keep plants from being over watered. The irrigation system will supply each zone with the appropriate amount of water. 

To find ways Stork Landscaping can help you with your lawn and landscape visit our lawn maintenance page 

Install or Repair your Sprinkler System

This next option for conservation is a bit more complex, and for the most successful results, should include a professional consultation. Stork Landscaping offers irrigation system installation, maintenance, and sprinkler repair services.

By installing an irrigation system in your yard it will control the application of water for agricultural purposes through an underground sprinkler system. They are also specifically calibrated for climate and equipped with preset timers as well as rain and humidity sensors that help deliver the precise amount of water at the exact time required.

This means no more dragging the hose around the yard or remembering to turn the sprinkler off. The irrigation system takes care of everything for you! For even more on irrigation systems, maintenance and the services Stork offers visit the Irrigation page of our website.