With the dreary skies and cold temperatures of Missouri’s winter lingering, you may not be thinking about getting those spring landscaping projects started, but now is the best time to start! Before you know it, the sunny days of summer will be back and you’ll wish you’d started your dream landscaping project sooner! Lucky for you, we’re already thinking about spring and the sunny days of summer and we are ready to help you start making your outdoor space your own!

Why Should I Start This Spring?

Well, why not? Starting your project in the spring gives you and your family plenty of time to work through the design elements of your dream space. It gives you the time to brainstorm and decide what elements you want the most like a pool or hardscape for grilling and hosting family and friends. You’ll have plenty of a headstart on the rush for summer projects meaning your project can be ready sooner so you can enjoy it longer!

 In Spring, supplies are in abundance meaning we can get you the materials you need in a timely manner without having to wait. While the kids are still in school, you can get work started on your project meaning you don’t have to schedule around summer sport tournaments or family vacations. More continuous work on your project means less inconvenience for you and your family, as if you need something else to schedule around!

A more technical reason to start your project now is planting! Pre-existing plants are easier to relocate while they’re still in winter dormancy, but spring is also the best time to plant a lot of those bright flowers and other grasses or shrubs you may want to use to add focal points to your outdoor space. Ensure your new plants are in full bloom when you want to enjoy their beauty!

Where Do I Start?

The hardest part of any new project is getting started, but luckily, starting a spring landscaping project is actually really easy: just think about what you want. If you already have an idea, take the time to find more inspiration! Take a look around your neighborhood and see what’s works in your area. Take some tips on what spring plants grow around you. Browse websites like Pinterest to find images of features you’d like to include in your design. Such as an outdoor kitchen, grassy lawn, or spectacular garden.

Key features are important for any design project. They set the tone for the rest of the design and are the focal point for your new space.

Things to Consider for Your Spring Landscaping Project:


Landscaping should complement or contrast the design of your home. If your house is modern and minimalist, you may want your outdoor space to be more simplistic and minimal as well. If your home is more classic, don’t be afraid to go big and accentuate the features your home has to offer.


Not to burst your bubble but palm trees and cacti don’t really like southeast Missouri so if you’re wanting your outdoor space to be a tropical paradise, you may be in the wrong region! Fortunately, there is plenty of flora and fauna that grow really well here so there are plenty to choose from.


Of course, maintaining a beautiful outdoor space takes both time and a little elbow grease. If you don’t want to mow, large grassy patches of grass may not work. If you’re not interested in gardening and pulling weeds, you’re also limited in what plants you should use. At Stork Landscaping we provide a variety of lawn care services to take care of your outdoor landscape.  Contact us to set up a quote today!


Boulders and rocks are popular accents for decorating spaces, but if you’re worried about the kids hurting themselves, you may want to avoid them! If you have pets, you may want to know what landscaping plants are safe for kids and pet-friendly.

Set a Budget

There is a lot to consider when setting a budget for a landscaping project. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend to make your outdoor environment special. You also need to consider how much you want to spend to maintain the environment as well. Plants need water. To help them to flourish you may want to add a sprinkler system. While the initial installation of an irrigation system is an investment, you’ll end up saving time and money in the long run!

Call Southeast Missouri’s Premier Lawn Care and Landscaping Company

Once you have an idea of what you want, let us help you with the rest! At Stork Landscaping we’ll help you understand your space better by testing your soil type, finding drainage opportunities, sun patterns and the other natural features of your outdoor space. 

After that, we’ll take some measurements and help you finalize your design. Our team is experts on local flora and fauna. We can help you choose the best plants for your space! We add color that doesn’t break the bank. We work together to use your ideas and incorporate our knowledge and expertise of the local area and landscaping skills to create the perfect design for your space.

Pick a timeline that works best for you and your schedule! We know that spring and summer can get busy. Let us help you get your project done as professionally and quickly as possible without any added inconvenience for you! Projects can also be completed over a number of years if necessary for your budget! We can help you choose which features are most important to start the project and how to prepare for future projects!

Watch Your Landscaping Ideas Come to Life

Once design is finalized, we can take it from there!

We have a team of experts in all areas of a project. They team up to complete your project from start to finish. From digging up existing features, relocating plants, building patios, and so much more. We do it all and you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Just watch as your old backyard becomes the outdoor oasis of your dreams! Once your project is complete, it’s all yours to enjoy! Invite your friends and family over to celebrate holidays, watch the kiddos play soccer or take a break from your busy schedule in your new at-home escape! 

Of course, we are happy to help you maintain the space and keep it beautiful! Our maintenance lawn care services include landscape trimming, monitoring your irrigation systems, and even designing and installing seasonal color displays! So why not start making your dream outdoor space a reality.

Contact Stork Landscaping today!