We think of our home as our castle, our kingdom, our wonderfully private and special place, right? Your backyard is an extension of your home, and thus should have as much love shown to it as any area of your house. Whether your space is intimate or large enough for a wedding reception, here are some great ideas to freshen things up and gain some new perspective on your sacred space.

First, pro tip: A backyard upgrade doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The right lighting, accent pieces, furniture and, of course, landscaping changes can make a big impact on your space. A little sweat equity, and you’ll be on the right track to a fabulous summer space!

Start With A Deck Or Patio.

When you step into your backyard, are you stepping into grass, or sometimes even mud? A deck or patio adds instant appeal to a backyard, creating a place of sanctuary. A concrete patio or wood deck can be built to pretty much any size, and gets you out of the grass while not disconnecting you from nature. Accent your space with larger plants or flowers for some color and life. Design is only limited by your budget and imagination!

Can’t Make Permanent Changes? Keep It Temporary.

Maybe you rent, or perhaps you’re dressing up your AirBNB space. Think of elements that can be changed out seasonally or otherwise in these types of spaces. Outdoor rugs are built for the conditions and are an easy way to freshen up the environment with color and design. Coordinate that with some good outdoor furniture and accents for a look that is comfy and able to clear out if needed.

Speak Softly With Lighting Accents.

More and more outdoor spaces are getting the “accent treatment,” utilizing custom lighting. Draping outdoor string lights from a fence, trellis or pergola across your living space gives it a starry-night feel that will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed. Strategically placed lanterns or torches help with accented, soft lighting.

Also, consider how the light plays during the day, too, and use shade to help condition your space. Patio furniture with shade elements or even a pergola with a swing and a fan can change your whole perspective on your time outdoors.

Make A Splash With Water Features.

When we say “water features,” there are a ton of great options. Fountains, pools, waterfalls… We can really make a lot of liquid magic happen within your space! Smaller options can adorn your patio area or be tucked away in a garden, ready for discovery. Showcase a water feature with larger elements to create a centerpiece around which you can structure the rest of your space. Be sure to take time to understand the maintenance requirements, or just call us for help!

Don’t Let Fences Foil Your Fun.

A fence, by design, creates privacy; privacy from the outside world. Use some creativity to make your fence as much a part of your inside world as the rest of your backyard.

Some creative ideas include a fence mural. Whether you’re handy with a paintbrush or want to open the space up to someone who is, a mural can depict any number of things and is sure to brighten up your backyard horizon. More of a naturalist? Butterflies, bees and other native insects that love what you’re doing make a great addition to your fence artwork. Maybe you’d like to have family names, quotes, or pictures? You be you, and we’d love to see what you’ve done!

Another neat idea is to drill holes in the fence and place multi-colored marbles in the holes, securely. Sunlight shining through the marbles creates a magical, rainbow effect across your yard. 

Keep It Comfy.

Comfortable seating, ample table space and temperate features like a fire pit or shade cover make any backyard space much better. Be sure to get equipment that is geared for outdoor space. Have room for a hammock? Then you have room for a dandy spot for reading or just taking in some fresh air.

Remember that you don’t have to have everything out in your space, all the time. A large wooden table top might not be convenient all the time, but if it’s easy to store, it’s an option when you want to take dinner outdoors. Having an outdoor storage container or shed will help keep things organized and maximize your space’s enjoyment.

There are loads of great ideas on how to dress up your space, from backyard theaters to portable bars to playgrounds for the kids, but at the end of the day, all it requires is your imagination and quality workmanship. We would love to help you plan a makeover for your backyard, starting from the ground up. Just give us a call. Whatever you do, enjoy some backyard time this summer!