When we think about retaining walls (you don’t? We have retaining wall dreams over here), we already know their main purpose: to hold back earth. You know, to retain it from eroding or structurally failing. It’s a simple concept that has been around for thousands of years, and something that, as homeowners, often take for granted on our property.

A retaining wall can provide a break from higher property to a driveway, stairs, sidewalk and so on. It provides support and protection for part of your yard, and is often made from brick, stone, concrete and similar materials. We see them everywhere, but do you ever think about what’s going on behind the brick?

Not just functional. Sure, a retaining wall holds up the dirt. But they can be beautiful creations that really accentuate the entirety of your property. The curves and angles of a well-created retaining wall add flair and depth to your yard, and create a feeling of clean lines and borders and provide separation between yard and paved area.

Hire a professional. A retaining wall is something that must be built correctly, to allow for proper drainage and to make sure the structure itself can support the pressure and weight of the earth behind it. It’s greatest enemy is gravity, and we take in all of the facts and figures and create a functional and beautiful structure that adds value to your property, as well as protecting your investment for many years.

At Stork Landscaping, we know that everyone has different tastes, and that’s why not every retaining wall is the same. There is a wide variety of materials that can all be used to create a secure and functional wall, from raw stone to concrete. We’ve worked with a lot of different media, all to create the wall that YOU want to see!

Make sure you check out our Hardscapes page to learn more about our retaining wall possibilities, and contact us today if we can help you create a beautiful space!