A few months back, we talked about some general, year-round ways to increase your home’s curb appeal. Now, a little over one week after the first official day of fall, we have a seasonal update and the tips are as easy as pie!

1. Rake Your Leaves

See how painless these tips are going to be? Raking the leaves in your yard helps it to look more maintained and helps keep your grass greener, longer, when you remove the leaves and give it some room to breathe.

2. Give Your Front Door a Fresh Coat of Paint

Whether you’re refreshing the current color or picking a bold new one, painting your front door is a quick, easy and (inexpensive) way to add to your curb appeal. Just get it done before it gets too cold outside!

3. Don’t Keep Your Pumpkins Too Long

We know you or your kids worked really hard on those pumpkins, and they were masterpieces, really. Healthy pumpkins can add a lot to your curb appeal and make your front porch feel “homey.” On the other hand, rotten pumpkins are the opposite of appealing. Don’t forget to dispose of your pumpkins in a reasonable amount of time. Experts say Jack-O-Lanterns last 5 to 10 days and healthy uncarved pumpkins can last 8 to 12 weeks.

4. Hide Your Hose

Did you know that just like your summer clothes, you can pack away your hose for the winter? Garden hose pots like this one are specifically designed to keep your hose hidden and clean from dust and dirt. With the weather slowly but surely getting cooler, you won’t be needing to use your garden hose to water your plants and grass as much.

5. Plant the Perfect Fall Flowers to Enjoy Now

As a landscaping company, we are pro any improvement to, well, your landscaping. Mums, Marigolds, Petunias and Hollyhocks are all flowers that you can both plant and enjoy during the fall season. These flowers come in a variety of colors, and better yet, go perfectly with pumpkins.

And just like that, without a lot of work, your yard has the best curb appeal in the neighborhood!