Do not get us wrong–we love the bright sunshine and vibrant green grass of a summer’s day, but there’s something about an autumn evening that just cannot be beat. So besides pumpkins, cinnamon scents, and cooler temps, what could make your fall season even better? A fire pit.

You don’t have to choose between comfort or fresh air.

Before you had a fire pit, you had to sit in the stale air of your family room or bring out every blanket and fuzzy hat in an effort to enjoy the cool temperatures without risking freezing. But now, you’re free to sit in your sweater and breathe in the crisp autumn air while your feet warm by the crackling logs. A win-win if we say so ourselves.

Need we say s’more?

There are many foods that just taste better when cooked over an open flame; hot dogs, popcorn, steak–and of course, s’mores. Nothing toasts a marshmallow to perfection faster than a fire pit. Check out these ways to add even more flavor to the perfect campfire snack.

Extend the life of your outdoor space.

After a wonderful summer of enjoying your backyard, the drop in temps can feel like you’re being boxed into your own home. Say goodbye to looking longingly out the window at your patio space. Thanks to a fire pit, you can comfortably enjoy the same space and warmth as you did all summer long.

Like going camping, but better.

All of the fun of sitting around a campfire telling stories and laughing, but when you get to sleep in your own warm, snuggly bed.

It brings people together.

Social calendars take a dive when people aren’t outside as much, but you can still be the talk of the neighborhood as you wave people over to join your cozy fire pit. Host your own fire pit party! Here’s how.

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