Unfortunately, your home needs more than a great personality to sell. This month’s Yard Envy is all about putting the wow factor into your front yard!

Everyone knows the phrase ‘Curb Appeal’, but that phrase takes on a whole new meaning when you want to sell your home. Your front yard is the first thing someone sees when they pull up; making that first impression a crucial aspect for the tone that is set for the buyer, before they even look inside.

We narrowed it down to the top 5 ways you can liven up the look and feel of your home!

Paved Driveways and Sidewalks

A paved driveway or sidewalk adds a classy and customized look to your residence. Not only can it improve the overall look and feel; it gives it an inviting characteristic that will appeal to anyone looking for a place to call home. With so many colors and shapes to choose from, there is an option for any color or type of house.

Bright Colors & Green Grass

There’s nothing less homey than an untouched and impersonal landscape. If you want someone to be interested in your home, show them how great it can be! Whether your lawn needs fresh seed or just a little watering, it’s worth your time and effort to make sure it’s green and bright. To add some character and beauty to your front yard, flowers are a quick fix. Always search for flowers that are good in the summer heat (you know Missouri weather), and get planting!

Landscape Lighting

Let’s light up the night! But really, nothing makes your home look more elegant than perfectly aligned lights to show it off. Landscape lighting used to be a few lights along you sidewalk, but times have quickly changed! Now, the trend is to light up your whole house with perfect angles and distinction, and it’s easy to see why. Displaying the value and architecture of your residence 24 hours a day will increase the average amount of people that can see it’s potential.

Water Features

There’s nothing more inviting than a fun and entertaining water fountain or pond. Water features look and sound beautiful, but most importantly, they add a unique characteristic to your home that no one will forget. 


When someone looks at your house, you want them to visualize their family living there and making it their home: That becomes pretty hard to achieve when you have a blank yard with no homey or intimate features. There are many ways to add character to your yard, but the best way is to shoot for comfort. You can achieve that look of comfort with something as simple as a rocking chair or even better, outdoor furniture and accessories! From larger projects like paving and water features to minor updates, Stork can work with any need and budget. Reach out to us today; we would love to evaluate your property!