This is not a drill: Before we know it, it will be labor day and we’ll be closing the pools and getting out the pumpkin spice and turkey. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to make the most of the remainder of summer!

Get Out(side)

Don’t underestimate how much you’ll miss walking outside to beautiful scenic views of bright colors and green grass. Invite the neighbors, friends and family over to have a pool day! The best part? The pool does most of the work! Have a simple lunch or snacks for your guests, and the rest is off your shoulders! 

Don’t have a pool? No problem! There are so many ways to stay cool and have fun doing it. If you have a younger crowd to please, try sprinklers, a homemade water slide or even a baseball water slide! If you’re gathering is more adult-focused, have plenty of fans and shade around, and provide cold snacks and beverages.

Make Everything An Occasion

This is the time to live it up before you’re stuck inside! Be over the top with your space, and get more enjoyment out of the everyday! Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Make “just a glass of wine” with friends more festive with snacks and decorative glassware!
  • Add some festive pool floats to bring fun and personality to any gathering!
  • String lights make almost any gathering feel like a party- liven up your space by stringing them under a pavilion like our client above, along a fence or deck!

There’s Always Something To Do

Summer is the one time you are not allowed to say you’re bored. There’s simply no time for it with the restricting cold weather slowly sneaking up. Cape Girardeau has awesome summertime fun that you have to check out for yourself:

Cape Splash

We make sure the landscaping and atmosphere is beautiful and fun at Cape Splash! Head there, or your neighborhood pool, for a fun-filled day! Bring along a picnic lunch, and you have an easy outing that everyone will enjoy.

Ice Cream Heaven

In Cape Girardeau, we know our frozen treats. Check out the best places to get ice cream in Cape, and cool down the best way we know how! 

Downtown Livin’

We are lucky to have such a fun and lively downtown atmosphere. There’s something for absolutely anyone on Main St from shops to great food and bars.

We hope we gave you plenty of reasons to take the ending of summer more seriously. If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments!