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For all the time you invest in your home’s interior, don’t forget to give the outdoors a little TLC, too. Landscaping is an excellent use of time and resources for your yard because your design can be as detailed or as simple as you want — a landscaping design is totally unique to your style and your lawn! Whether you have a big yard or a small yard, your options for landscaping styles are endless. If you don’t have an idea of your own, find some online or in magazines. At Stork Landscaping, we know lawns. We’ll sit down with you, help you perfectly map out your vision, and then make it a reality!

The benefits of landscaing your home or business are numerous, the most obvious being an immediate increase in the aesthetic value of your property, helping to make initial impressions of your premises stand out. While we do spend a majority of our time indoors, most of us are still undeniably drawn to the beauty and revitalization that nature provides.

Whether it’s the natural, flowing shapes of trees and shrubs, the vibrant colors and fragrant aromas of flowering plants, the soothing sounds of a bubbling rock pond, or a soft, blanketed yard of green grass that can be enjoyed by the whole family, a well-manicured landscape can be a source of insipiration, peace, and rejuvenation for all, while also providnig an immediate, positive impact on home value. In addition to aesthetic value, landscaping can provide a wide variety of environmental benefits as well.

Grass and trees can actually provide cooler temperatures on properties as grass provides a radiating effect around your home or business and trees planted in the proper locations can provide shade and glare reduction. Grass and trees also provide for cleaner air as they naturally filter out dust and smoke particles, reducing greenhouse effects.

If you would like to learn more about the many positive impacts landscaping can have on your home or business, please contact Stork Landscaping at (573) 837-4342 and we’ll be happy to guide you towards a beautiful landscaping solution that exceeds your expectations!

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