While landscapes can provide a lush, organic feel to your home or business, often what is lacking are the benefits of manmade structures to enhance the utility, aesthetics, and value of a property. Hardscaping is defined as the use of durable, low-maintenance materials such as stone, wood, and concrete to create beautiful, man-made structures that serve a wide variety of useful functions, such as creating stone pathways to increase the accessibility of a property, or building a firepit for entertaining guests outdoors.

Whether you are looking to add a new entertainment space to your home, or simply wanting to add a few more permanent features to your landscape, hardscape options are as plentiful as one’s imagination. In terms of aesthetics, hardscapes are perfect for adding great depth and visual diversity to a landscape. Say goodbye to the wide open, flat backyard of the past.

With a little hardscaping, you can add extra dimensions to your yard through sharp, defined lines and edges that help tie together the natural elements. A stone wall can create a timeless and charming garden border, or a natural wood pergola can provide a comfortable amount of shade and sense of enclosure while blending effortlessly with the natural surroundings. By following the natural shapes, textures, and lines of the landscape, hardscapes that focus on balancing their function with the natural beauty of the terrain can greatly increase the value of a property.

And speaking of function, hardscapes provide more than just clean edges that are easy on the eyes. Hardscapes can actually be used to protect properties from water damage and soil erosion when properly implemented, allowing water to drain efficiently and keeping soil intact through retaining walls and other methods. What’s more, hardscapes are significantly less maintenance than foliage, so once you’ve designed and built out your dream backyard, the only job left is to enjoy it! So the next time you’re considering adding on to the landscape of your home, don’t forget about all of the value and enjoyment a well constructed hardscape can provide!